There's certain realisations in life that don't result in swearing or tantrums. They just... defeat you. And then all you can do is mutter "...shit."

I have, some time in the past, skipped over some of my Instants in my super-mega-master-file. Which means I have to do a re-count. As soon as I locate all of said missing files and include them.


The day I set aside for the Grand School Run is also the day I'm due to see my Shrink again. And that means a juggling of logistics and flight paths to make my day even more tiring.


And Beloved is introducing me to a new exercise regime that includes high-intensity exercise to build up the calorie burning muscle.


Which means a new battle plan to conquer my days and another round of did-I-do-that-already to absolutely fuck up my days.


And to add insult to injury, today promises to be one of the soul-sucking scorchers that make me want to strangle all the climate change deniers out there. Or at least stake them nude to my backyard lawn where the green ants can get them until they relent.

But never fear, dear readers! My family and I are going to cruise on down to a shopping mall with a cinema and treat ourselves to Sing, which is the least awful of the School Holiday Offerings. These include Will Smith's artsy battle with anthropomorphic personifications because his fictional daughter suffered Death By Manpain before the movie starts, something about White Heterosexual Romance, and the obligatory Musclemen Fighting Through Explosions with a Tacked On Obligatory Hetero Kiss.

I want to see Hidden Figures, damnit! Fuck all that samey noise. Give me the NEW shit.

I'm not cynical. I'm just bored. I'm tired of the samey, forgettable, bland, safe, white noise that just seems to be everywhere these days.

Just you wait. There's going to be a headline: Millenials are killing the movie industry!

No, Buzzfeed dude, the fact that the movie industry is too scared to move away from the established pattern of safe profit maker... that's killing the movie industry.

Meanwhile, the Muppet is in trouble. All that stuff about Watersportsgate -or, as it's coming to be known, Pissgate- is coming from more reliable sources than 4chan. Maybe, just maybe, the corrupt and obviously anti-what-they're-in-charge-of government officials that the Muppet is forming will be smothered in its metaphorical cradle. I can hope and pray that a re-election would be in order. Yes, I know there's no precedent for it, but everything needs to start somewhere.

It's pretty clear that other nations are setting up the Muppet as... well... a puppet government. Haha. And I picked that nickname because he resembled something from a Mirror Universe version of Sesame Street. Little did I know that Putin's hand was making that glaringly orange mouth move.

It's weird and I'm kind of scared, now. I have recently had this affinity for predicting real life in my stories. I did a story about some clown winning an election because the people favoured them over the one who'd actually do the work... and then the Muppet won.

I did a story about someone remarkably like the Muppet choosing people who would do the opposite of what they were supposed to do... and look what happened.

I did a story about someone like the Muppet starting a global war and sending the Earth into an apocalypse... and now I'm rather scared it's going to happen anyway.

The United States is not going to be "great again" under the Muppet. It's going to be ruined. Yet another nation being tugged about by some other nations' strings.

On the plus side, the Aussie Dollar is on the rise. Which means I might be able to splash out on some more Steam Powered Giraffe merch very soon now. IF Australia doesn't decide to trail after someone else [unprecedented!] and actually be a strong nation standing on its own, it might become a new superpower. Which would be very nice indeed.

And for the next impossible step, having politicians who won't be dickholes when the power goes to their fat little heads...

Shyeah. Right.

We all know Australia is going to go running to the nearest set of powerful legs to cling, and adopting their mind-set so they can be best friends. And the choices are Russia and China. Both of whom have their own repressive attitudes. And the latter has actually gameified being a Good Citizen according to official standards.