Today, thanks to my numerous errands and trials, we will not be wasting half of today getting matts and tools.


TODAY will be halfway wasted by making a tool out of the matts I fetched. Yay!

At least I'll be learning how to weld. Woot.

So this morning is going to be devoted to those episodes of Inter-Mission that I'm lagging on. By the way, you may have noticed that the link to my podcast has changed sites. That's because Soundcloud actually sucks because data limits.

So some googling and discussion with Beloved later, we discovered...


::sparkly VFX::

Anchor is a super-free podcasting platform affiliated with everyone's favourite streaming service...


So now my stories can be heard all over the world without any further snags. Y'all should podcast with Anchor because you can opt-in for advertising with your stuff and decide whether or not the grinding gears of capitalism can fund your lifestyle.

Since I have no takers for my in-episode spiels, I'm still deciding on that noise. I will, at a later date, record a new intermission spiel that will sing some of Anchor's praises. Free plug is cool thing to do when they give me such a nice place to live.

Anyway. The story is happening after dark, likely today and tomorrow. Because working on all kinds of other stuff.