So. I ordered my Ashwagandha, but... the place I ordered it from is out of stock.

I have to wait a WEEK to brain properly again. At minimum.

On the plus side, a parcel from the states arrived and I'm busily attempting to figure out all of the assorted nonsense within. The cat toys have been distributed to my little fluffy friends. Everything else is a matter of my int rolls at the time.

Not looking good on that count for next week.

The best news is that I managed to finish my allotted words despite visitors and birthday celebratory chaos all over the place. That means I'm free to faff around this weekend and maybe build that airlock system for the front door. Pippi did almost get out the front, this last week, so I'm hyper anxious about that nonsense.

Let's try and get a story out there before midday.