Setting up and Botheration

I'm setting up an alternate account where I can talk about things that I can't really talk about here. Of course I won't be linking to it, because it will give things away that I have to protect.

When I get back to my Shrink [I have a Shrink, now!] I'll tell them, but otherwise, it's between Beloved and I and whomsoever finds me to follow.

And because this is my first sort-of-persona, I'm still nervy about letting my ugly mug be my avatar. So, in honour of the thousands of dollars we poured towards Blizzard Entertainment, I'm going to be using the face of my first 'toon in WoW.

IF I can get that far.

So far, there doesn't seem to be a means of getting a portrait of my first Toon without logging in. Boo. And you can't log in without giving Bliz money. Double boo. And I'm trying to keep all my shit together for the inevitable back-to-school Splurge.

I cruised into Steemit on my new alter-ego, and was instantly bombarded with all kinds of Praise-Muppet stupidity.

Dijano that the Muppet's appointed a vaccine skeptic as a "Vaccine Truth Advocate"? Yep. The US health system is about to be gutted. Loads of tiny children are going to die of preventable diseases and the Muppet is going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

Doom, gloom, and Misery. Thank the Powers that the Australian government firkin hates the Muppet. We won't be doing what the US tells us for four years if the world is lucky. Eight if we're not. That's eight years of Media Doublespeak, the Muppet drawing the target after he threw the spear, and a whole bunch of POC as sacrificial goats.

And we were just headed towards a new era of peace and understanding, too. And what does the Muppet do? A gigantic purge of everyone Obama hired so he can put in his own paid lackeys, um, I mean monsters, no wait, BFF's, no. Puppets. Yeah.

An entire crowd of yes-men under his sway, who ally with his beliefs, and won't admit that their ship is sinking, even after the wreckage hits bottom.

Bright side: Once they do hit bottom, the only way to go is up.

Not so bright side: They might take us with them.

My site's forum is still down because Server Error... so once more, I am mining my prompts from tumblr. Wish me well. Stay tuned to my Steemit account for my next fresh Instant.