Sausage Soup

This is another one of those “scratch” recipes, in which you scratch together whatever you have going and put it in a pot.

You will need these tools:

1 big pot
1 handy heat source, like a cooktop
1 big spoon/ladle
1 knife or other means of chopping things 

You will need these ingredients:


The quantity of these is up to you. Optional extras include: soup mix, rice, potatoes/potato powder, and anything else you like the look of, really.


Boil water in pot and add sausages
Once sausages are cooked, cut them up into bite-esque sized chunks
Return sausages to water and add the other ingredients
Serve with bread or on rice or on its own.

This is not cordon bleu. This is not fine dining. It is one stop away from Glop [next recipe!] and a few extra ingredients away from stew. What it is is cheap and easy to make after a long, hard day.