Saturday, Day Zero, PLNs

I have another parcel waiting for me, and the creeping realisation that I need more stuff than I thought. Today is going to be expensive.

Two of today's three cases are from overseas and the third is "an historic case" according to the QLD Premiere. The news there doesn't say how it's historic and I couldn't see anything about it in the headlines.

The young lass in the news for potentially spreading the plague in Queensland is actually NOT a trouble. She went to hospital with her Da in full PPE and went back into Quarantine also in full PPE. The papers are being racist dipshits, because the family were from Sudan, apparently. Grr. Murdock needs to coralled.

In the news:

  • Pence and his family were 100 meters away from being lynched by the mob
  • Muppet's popularity takes nosedive, who knew that actions have consequences? Not him
  • He's also going to face criminal charges in New York once he's no longer the big cheese
  • Investigation into the Mum-and-kids deaths in NSW is definitely leaning towards murder-suicide
  • Q-Anon conspiracies are wild... including: Joe Biden is JFK Jr in a CGI mask, Muppet is an immortal being made of starlight who's going to cure the plague in his second term, Tom Hanks is the leader of a secret club of 'pedovores', and of course the antisemitic lizard folk bullshit. Yikes
  • I had it wrong about the rest of the Repugnicans abstaining from the impeachment vote. They voted 'nay', the spineless arseholes
  • Targets all over Australia are going to either close or become K-Hubs
  • 4YO falls 8 meters out of a window in Sydney, now in hospital. Hopes remain for the best
  • SA will allow Brisbanites in without quarantine... I think this is bad timing
  • Right-wing MP quotes doctor who was not only at the Washington riots, but also guilty of spreading virus conspiracies on Facebook

I need some stuff from the shops, and getting the parcel gives me an excuse. Rice, tissues, shredded cheese, absolute buckets of frozen cauliflower [I needs it precious] and of course the parcel I mentioned first.

And I have an excuse to pick up Crispy Cremes at 7-11 on the way home. Bonus.

All waiting for the shops to open.