Saturday, Day 0, Hiding?

Eight new cases, one local, seven imported. Eighty-two active, seventy in hospital and one in the ICU. That leaves eleven that could get loose and cause a whole bunch of trouble for Queensland. Sigh. So much for end-of-summer beach time.

Ah well. Better safe than sorry.

Today, I take some well-deserved me-time and an early sleep so I can be awake in the wee smol for Toasty's stream. I may catch up with Critical Role. I may fall asleep to hideous murders.

Or I might give my Beloved some trouble because I now OFFICIALLY have the moolah necessary to fix the dang bathroom. I just hit the Spouse Quoted Amount to stop the slo-mo disaster in there. WOOOOO!

I may yet party about this. We shall see.

I'm not looking at the news. The furforal with the bathroom is enough excitement for this ageing nerd.