Saturday, Day 0, Fic o' the Week

Plague news:

  • 9 974 new cases
  • 66 068 total active cases
  • 818 hospitalisations
  • 54 in the ICU
  • 18 new deaths
  • 11 714 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 305 665 national doses
  • 55 271 Qld doses
  • 8 175 ACT doses
  • 89 118 NSW doses
  • 2 499 NT doses
  • 21 747 SA doses
  • 5 035 Tas doses
  • 81 476 Vic doses
  • 42 344 WA doses

Today's the day I read the Fic o' the Week to my stream, so congrats to Dan for this week.

Also today, I am creating some bread so Miss Chaos can have her sammich kit for school. One of the loafs that I create shall be consumed fresh because fresh hot bread is firkin delicious.

What I still have to do is gather all of the nonsense and clear a part of the table so that I can make bread and, as I write this... everyone is asleep.

So I currently can't clank around in the kitchen/dining room digging up my nonsense and putting other nonsense in better places. Boo.

The good news is that The Legend of Vox Machina is out on Amazon right now. Three guesses how I'm spinning my wheels this morning.

One of my health goals today is to have three goes on the OPEP for five minutes each. It's a tiring thing to do.

In the news:

  • Tennis drama involving cheating scandal
  • Suspected murder-suicide in Perth
  • Australia has a new plague variant
  • Bridge collapses in the US, people form human chain to rescue people
  • Florida's "Don't say gay" law could kill people
  • Dude got locked inside an Aldi by mistake and filmed his exploits
  • There's another flying car now

and now I obsessively attempt to find all my bread-related nonsense. Quietly.