If there's anything more irritating to live with than a case of the Slo-Mo's, I can't think of it right now.

I couldn't get to sleep until Beloved came home. Well, not properly. I managed to cat-nap until that time. And then I woke at four in the morning. Too tired to sleep.

Which is a bitch if there ever was one.

Since Beloved was home late, I gave up on the morning walk and dived straight into getting the kids organised. At the proper time of course. Just because my sleep schedule is fucked, doesn't mean that the rest of the household has to suffer.

And everyone had a bad case of lead-butt syndrome. Not wanting to shift that heavy arse until it got a kick.

The kids dawdled through breakfast. Beloved dawdled through everything to the point where they had to have an Up&Go for breakfast. Which is hella naughty for a diabetic. And I had to lecture Beloved about having to live on a schedule now that diabetes was The Problem.

Mayhem insisted on playing his computer. Thrice. Which just means he gets three big jobs before he's allowed on it again. Chaos has two big tasks to do when she gets back home, too.

Because I will be buggered, and things still need to get done. The longer they take, the less time they have to do the things they love.

There's little surviving of last night's lamb roast. Which means I have to go out and obtain, then cook, some more lamb in order to make the promised Shepherd's Pie for tonight's dinner. And I'd already put on the potatoes :P

I'm already tired, I'm already wishing I could sleep the day away. But I can't. Because nothing will get done if I just fall over.

O, for a robot to do it all for me. Then I could just do my writing and curl up for some actual real rest. But no. I have to drag myself through today on 8% battery or less and hope for the best.