Round, round, I'm run around...

Welcome to the Last Mad Dash, the final 80Km relay in the Cosplay 2016.

Today, I am taking my admittedly limited funds to Spotlight to get the best look material for Bitzer's capelet. It has to be warm, because night-time temperatures in Tucson head to the single figures, it has to be woven, because MeMum can't pilot an overlocker, it has to look pretty nice, because Bitzer's a robot with standards, and it has to be cheap because I'm almost broke.

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Today, at the crack of opening time, I shall be cruising through Spotlight and looking at all the fabrics, draping them around my good self to see how warm they get. The finished product is going to be very useful at cons because conventions believe in truly feral air conditioning.

Machine washable is a bonus.

And my ceiling is low because Beloved has apparently been spending my housekeeping funds. Sarcastic yay. I'm forced to spend the rest of the fortnight on the credit card and I frelling despise working off the credit card when I can't pay that little shiznit back.

Please give me money. I kinda need it.

On the good news: The asthma has finally cleared. W00t! I'm down to just using my Seretide, so I can pack up Max and make sure I have meds for the trip. And round up my prescriptions to take with me. And make sure I have a note from my doctor explaining all my supplements and sundry breathing chemicals.

Still to pack: minipack tissues, hairspray, wax strips and the travel toiletries. Shouldn't run to more than $50 all up. Pity I only have $10 in my bank account.

Damnit. I just realised I have to stock up on the multivitamin. That's going to be above $100 now because supplements CO$T. Fuck.

These things are sent to give me ulcers... Ugh. I'll get there. Eventually.