Road trip!

I'm off to MeMum's today. To deliver a few things, sort out her compy troubles, and possibly help with whatever happens to be happening at the time. It's a long and tiring trip for me, and I don't expect much creativity to be done today.

As it is, I am hurrying to get the Instant done so I can be on my way,

I've only done a read through of one chapter of Beauties. It takes a lot of time and focus to do those. If I can get four more done tonight, I shall count myself lucky.

I'll probably make myself do four more.

I've been good, this week. I haven't broken down and started the next book early1 but I do know the opening sentence and one of my Betas will probably dislike it intensely. Sucks to be them.

What I haven't done yet, either, is a file of nut notes so I can keep this book relatively on the right track. That's going to happen on Monday, as well as the opening five hundred words in the first chapter.

I expect my wrists to hate me.

Budgeting time for the read-through is going to be my next un-swinger. I have to figure out how long I can stand to sit at my compy and listen to a mechanical voice mispronounce English. Which includes factoring in Corrugated Butt Syndrome.

At least I don't have to wear headphones when everyone else in the house is away. With everyone at home, I've had to corrugate my ears with those. Often, it was just so that I could hear my own written word.

People be noisy.

But I'm up to editing chapter twenty-one, so that's progress out of sixty chapters in total.

And since I completely forgot to post this week's statistics, yesterday, here's my measurements from yesterday.

Compare to last week's measurements:

Weight: 77.7
Fat Weight: 29.4
Waist/Height: 0.529
Blood sugar: 4.9
Blood Ketones: 2.0
Breath Ketones: 2.0

All within healthy and optimal levels. Not happy about the fat weight, but you get little fluctuations. I also plan on rowing slowly for 15 minutes. Either this afternoon (you may now laugh) or tomorrow morning whilst everyone is getting ready.

And speaking of getting ready, I really need a morning checklist thingy for Chaos so she can keep on track without me hounding her all the time. Something easy to read and easy to follow. And laminated so we can use whiteboard markers on it every day.

I'm busy. Maybe Beloved can photoshop up a little social story/comic/checklist while I'm doing everything else.

And maybe I'll get a bajillion-dollar book deal tomorrow.

  1. It's the book after this one that's started early. I've been working on parts of it, intermittently, in novl'r since about halfway through Beauties. Whoops.