I've hired new cleaners to help out with keeping the house in good nick. Yay me. And while I was working with them, the discussion meandered into diet and who's eating what. Which was an excellent opportunity to glance on LCHF and Keto.

And I also showed them Overdrive by Steam Powered Giraffe. Because they're awesome.

Turns out we're all nerds, so we can gas about our favourite nerdy stuff whilst also setting the house to order. Bonus.

And on top of all that, the dining area and the kitchen look fabulous. Soon to be the rest of the home.

With even more luck, I can encourage the family to help joosh up the rest of the place between now and next Friday.

Beloved has promised that we're exercising today. After they get enough rest, of course. And since today is Resistance Day, I guess I'll spend most of it with my muscles aching from the workout.

But oh, the results are so very very nice. And speaking of that, I'd better take my readings. I forgot that it's Statistics Saturday.

So, since I forgot to note last week's stats, from the last time

11-2-17's stats:

Weight: 78.5 kg
Fat Weight: 32.8 kg
Waist/Height: 0.529
Blood sugar: no data [We ran out of blood sticks]
Blood Ketones: no data
Breath Ketones: 20.7

This is after a week of illness and not eating properly. And now for this week's statistics...

For the 18-2-17...

Weight: 78.7 kg
Fat Weight: 30.9 kg
Waist/Height: 0.523
Blood sugar: 3.3
Blood Ketones: 4.5
Breath Ketones: 9.8

As you can see, my blood sugar's a little on the low side. Possibly due to me accidentally doing 22-hour fasts of late. I really need to set reminders for myself to eat.

Reminders that I can hear. Turns out my phone alert system is somehow on silent and I can't figure out how to turn it back on to loud. Or even 'audible'.

My fault for wanting to write rather than eat. Dummins me.

And speaking of writing... I'd better get on with that.