Really Late Start

I'm still alive, dear readers. Not yet fucked, or so I hope. Beloved and I have been making sneezeguard masks so that we don't accidentally spread anything to anyone else.

If you cough or sneeze, and go outside, you should wear one of these - it's just good manners.

A step-by-step version with our adjustments will be up on my foodie blog in due course. But we need to go out and get cordage for the ear pieces. I have enough for the immediate family, but we'll be making more and parcelling them up with fitting/washing instructions and FAQ's on a handy fact sheet for anyone receiving.

The government wants to keep the wheels of commerce grinding, and don't really care about the people ground up in the process.

The US navy is buying up medical supplies from other nations and then selling that stuff on to the highest bidder. Thereby causing bidding wars between states and emergency service agencies. That is just criminal profiteering and also downright evil. [ Source ]

Rationing is back, with shops detailing how much of what product each shopper is allowed to purchase, which means that the TP, the pasta, and maybe even the flour will be slowly returning to the shelves. Which, I hope, means that people will eventually return to proper purchasing patterns and stop hoarding every gotdang thing.

An interesting side-effect of wearing the mask for a bit of a while is my brain's linking mask-wearing with what happens if I take a while on the Nebuliser - tingling in the extremity fingers [pinkie and third, usually]. So now I don't know which pinkie tingles are from oxygen deprivation relief or psychosomatics. Yay.

I am way beyond overdue for today's tale. Stand back, I'm about to fiction.