Random reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe #5

Yeah, I'm being erratic with this. My life kind of imploded. Things get interrupted when my life implodes a bit.

Anyway. Today's reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe: Holy shit, they're sexy.

Yes, I know. They're so very much younger than I am. I'm plausibly old enough to parent them. But... consider exhibit A.

Pictured here is David "The Spine" Bennett nomming on a granola bar. Just... standing there and staring at not very much whilst masticating calmly for all to see.

The fandom had a collective orgasm over this footage. I was there.

Much has been written about the power of Isabella "Rabbit" Bennett's hips. I'd put a gif up, but (a) the only ones I can find are really old and misgendering, and (b) I might make someone explode.

But I can show her smoky smoulder:

no larger pics, alas. Too much Isabella can cause overheating

And then there's Sam "Hatchworth" Luke. Sure, his makeup is sort of bronze-kabuki scary, but... He's so cute... Hatchworth is my adorable woobie child, at least in spirit. And why not? Just look at him.

Sigh. I just want to hug him.

Who am I kidding, I want to hug all of them.