Quietly dying

The good news is: LCHF isn't killing me. The bad news is that dehydration got in the way first.

Not helped by the Lurgi and the infection it brought along for the ride.

When you're doing Keto, or LCHF, one of the big problems is getting enough liquids into you. The old sugary stuff could go down quick, for sure, but as you may recall, sugars are off the menu.

I don't know why so much liquid is needed... Maybe it's because the body is shedding all the old fat cells and has nowhere to keep any extra whilst we toddle through our day.

BUT - as a result, I have low blood pressure, an elevated heart rate, and a dizzy/woozy feeling that resulted in Beloved and I spending hours after our walk just snuggling in bed.

My Lurgi has reduced to post-nasal drip and an annoyingly dry throat. Which is good news. I'm still coughing up colourful blobs, and that's bad. But I am getting less and less of them for shorter spates of time, so that has to be good.

I also went on Max with a double-punch Atrovent and Saline inhale, which has done much for clearer breathing... but ye gods and little fishes, do I feel tired today.

I'm having a huge helping of salty broth, with a few grains of raw sugar in it to turn it into homemade gatorade1 without raising my carb count into the stratosphere. And after that, I'm chugging down some ginger-citrus tea2.

Good for what ails me on two counts, there.

And my tastebuds have changed! Now filtered water tastes rather excellent and not of dead plastic, so I'm going to take that win.

And as for my weight... I'm holding steady at 85 kilos, but I continue to lose fats. The results are so visible that I had to go out and get some clothes that don't hang off me. And one thing that does because I firkin love slouching about in loose floppy cotton in the summer. Kaftans, muumuus, big firkin cotton tents of any description, I'm there.

Which is just as well because that about describes all my other clothes, right now.

  1. Random things I pick up from random places department: I learned from a video about the cholera epidemic that a little bit of sugar helps the body absorb the salt it needs when it's dehydrated.

  2. Any old citrus will do. I prefer a lateral slice of the middle of the fruit because it allows some juices into the resultant tea. I also use a teabag of No Brand black tea because tastes of my childhood.