Progress and setbacks

I hit the 92 zone, this morning. 92.6 kilos. On one hand - hooray, I'm losing weight and that should be good for me. On the other - boo, the corset I have is now too big. And I have no idea where to get cheap and comfy corset stuffing.

I have got in contact with the corset people to see if I can swap it out for the same style in one size down. Fingers crossed that it won't break the bank. [I knew I should have got one size down anyway. I FIRKIN TOLD YOU SO, BELOVED!]


Fortunately, the corset people are pretty swift in the postage, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to get a new one.

I'm now taking saline with my nebuliser regime and it seems to be helping clear my breathing enough so that chest pains aren't as much of a problem. I keep thinking I have a week less than I really do and I need to get over that.

Small chunks are shifting at a glacial pace. I feel better for getting them up, but the act of moving them is downright Herculean. Of firkin course it sounds like I'm (a) dying and (b) trying to cough up my own heart.

Life with asthma is such fun.

Other than all that nonse, I am going to do a makeup test this weekend and take some headshots so I can start running Bitzer's character blog on the side. Clever viewers may spot the red temporary shirt that I'll be using in lieu of the dream dress.

I do hope that I have next weekend to do an entire test run. Get used to putting it all together for myself. You'll be getting some turnaround shots of that. Stay tuned.