I'm going to be far from home on Election Day, so Beloved is taking me to fill out my poll nice and early. I will be taking my time telling my governing body exactly where to stuff it.

At least this sort of nonse is down to once every four years. For all the good that will do. It just means one more year of stuffing around before we play the same ballet again.

I've looked up the most sensible parties and I can tell you that the main three are nowhere near that classification. Liberal, Labor, Nationals... they're all firkin gonzo. I say out with the Mates Rates system and in with some people who are at least aware of what's going on and what needs to happen to fix it.

AKA: Fuck Scabbott with a sideways, Pineapple-shaped cheese grater. And anyone else who wants to give their rich mates a tax break.

On the plus side, we have lots of parties who have some... interesting perspectives [eg: the Sun Dried Tomato Party and Nigel Freemarijuana] but I will vote for the Flat Earthers before I allow Scabbott and his sexist, racist, scumfuck friends anywhere near the helm of this country.

I always vote the ENTIRE senate ballot. It makes certain that the Neo-Nazis New Socialists wind up right next to Scabbott and his palls at the bottom of my ballot. And people who agree with my views get to the top.

Some folks are lazy and only put the 1 in on the top. Not me. I take the time and measure out my preferences so the worthy achieve greatness and the unworthy have to squabble for the scraps. Yes, my vote is one among many, but I aim to make it tricky for them.

If you vote, vote well. You are making a decision for an entire nation, so think of everyone when you put down your numbers on your ticket.

Rant over, I also have to pack for the trip. And make my little darlings pack for their trip. It's going to be a long and disorganised day.