Post-indulgence Regret

Broke keto for Pripa's day. And there was cheesecake. And fudge. And ice cream...

So I woke in the morrow with Sausage Fingers. Because retaining water is one of the things my body does when it gets carbs. Other signs of carb overdose include lack of focus, memory problems, and general fluffiness of head.

So this is going to be brief.

So that I can get on with the whatnot of my shit.

I have discovered that a dearth of potassium can cause all kinds of problems. And I'm having those. So I need to get me into the avocado. And it turns out that I don't need to sweat an overdose because a properly keto body will just get rid of the excess.

I have me half an avocado to eat, today.