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Just because I’m doing my best not to appear weird, DON’T ACT LIKE I’M NOT DISABLED WHEN YOU KNOW I AM. I’m not asking for pity, just understanding.

…God, having that conversation made me so mad, and I’m pretty sure other mentally disabled people had to go through the same bullshit.

#i am not autistic but i still feel like this message is important #op i understand if you want me to remove it though

Nah man it’s all good anyone can rebagel my posts unless I explicitly say otherwise in said post

10000000% this.

Autistes like me spend their entire lives learning how to pretend to act “normal”. Then nypicals either act shocked when we reveal ourselves or deny that we even have problems. Sometimes, they do both.

My ur-solution is to talk frankly and openly about my problems when they occur. And even then, it’s a fight.

True story- biggest and longest struggles are with my Beloved.