Beloved and I are both into Pokemon Go. I'm team Red. They're... not. I only joined the red team because I knew my heroes in Steam Powered Giraffe both played team Red.

7200 miles away and they help me make decisions like this 9_9

BUT - there is an astonishing dearth of Pokestops out in the wilds of Burpengary, so Beloved is still taking me to an area thick with Pokestops and maybe a gym or two so I can (a) get enough pokeballs to satisfy my shitty throwing skills, (b) train my firkin pokemon up and (c) have half a chance of catching them all.

Eh, who am I kidding. I know damn well I'm going to catch ten million pidgeys and turn them all into candy so I can boost up that one pidgey that I deemed worthy.

And yes, I own a Doduo that I named 'Clarence' after that one cartoon.

I'm also naming some of my Pokemon after Steam Powered Giraffe members. I'm that kind of nerd. Deal with it.

The main aim of the game is to have fun, though. I'm not going to suddenly despise my Beloved because they're a different team colour. Heck, I might battle them. I got some potions and revive shards. Might as well find out what they do.

And if I am going to spend pokecoins, it's going to be on incubators for the eggs I'm getting. One at a time kinda sucks when you have to walk 10K to hatch a thing.

Beloved is still sleeping at the mome. So I get to write you a new story and play Minecraft or listen to the Quintessential teaser video a million times. Or loop that fragment of Malfunction for a while. Or listen to the third draft of Sleep Evil Sleep. Or write one of my fanfics that's been up in the air for forever and a week.

I got lots to fill my time.