Plus la change...

Three stitches are gone, but the wound is still fragile. For those who dont follow my tumblr, the blip was a cyst, likely fatty, and entirely benign.

I have a new bandage over the site and a desperate need to scratch it because the damn thing is driving me bonkers. New bandage has to stay for a week. Bluh.

BUT I can shower as long as I pat it dry. Huzzah.

The good news about the Muppet is that some nice folks in government agencies reckon that the Floridian polling machines have been hacked. And if it turns out that the Muppet got his Russian friends to help him cheat, then he could never actually get into the white house.

Which is kind'a cool, because he is woefully underprepared for the task of leading ants to sugar, let alone leading an entire nation. And let's face it, anyone who loses money by running casinos... Not once, but twice? They're not going to take a nation into great prosperity at all.

Hillary may not be any better, according to a vocal few, but at least she knows what she's in for.

Chaos enjoys her new school, and I have to toddle back on Wednesday to buy her a uniform or three. The only day that their uniform shop is open.

I might have to pop back semi-regularly every fortnight to get more than one. It entirely depends on the price. Lucky my head-pulled-in strategy for money management has left me with a slight surplus this week. If I can continue to keep my moolah in my wallet, then I'll be ahead in the grand game of juggling the finances.

Which is really tricky because Cashmas is coming, and presents must be secured. Fortunately, most of the ppl I know are relatively easy to buy for.