PLNs and high finance

I got my travel insurance settled, yesterday. As well as all the mad dash to get a substitute skirt done with minutes to spare. So to speak.

The price for the finished emergency outfit is literally one tenth the price of the dream dress. Which, I might add, Hello Cosplay is now not sending out until... either today or tomorrow.

I've enquired about them sending it to me by overnight express [since regular post delivers inside 3 weeks] but I haven't heard back from them.

Today, I am checking the capelet MeMum made for warmth, doing some test patches on the underside of my arm [both for effectiveness and effect], making a closure for the capelet and wearing and singeing my "photo" so that it looks like it's been through the wringer.

Meanwhile, 80Km away in Boronia Heights, MeMum is slaving over a hot sewing machine to get the firkin skirt done.

My corset should arrive today, and if the emergency skirt fails, then I can plausibly head out in my petticoats. Fuck it. It's steampunk. People will wear whatever the hell ancient lingerie they please.

I still gotta wax my abundantly hirsute legs, trim my monobrow, refresh my supplies of pills, arrange to blue my hair, get a doctor's note for ALL of my supplements so I can take a day's dose up on the plane o_O

And I have $20 in my wallet to last me until next week. Sorry, Mum. I had to go shopping at Golden circle for Poppas and I found a bulk supply of those tissues I was talking about.


I will eventually reach the Fuckit Point, where I gleefully announce, "fuck it!" and pack whatever I have and that will be definitively it.