Pretty much how I'm feeling this morning. The sound of a sigh coming out between lax and flappy lips.

We probably have just enough to make it to the next payday. IF the kids' Friday treat comes out of the Penny Pincher Menu so I can afford the tank of petrol for the running around we're doing on the weekend.

Beloved is Forty, as of yesterday. Merry birth, Beloved. I wish I could do more for you.

Still need to get eggs and milk and possibly bread. That's something that won't have to wait, thank goodness. A pittance to help support Chaos came through and I actually have a three-figure bank account for a change.

Not for long, alas. One round of groceries and it's gone again. Boo.

On the upside - only a few more days until payday and I still have noms from previous shopping expeditions. I shall have to purchase less. Yay.

Going frugal is paying off. But it's so painfully slow that I want to cry.

MeMum has sponsored a significant hunk of dead sheep for our freezer [happy birthday, love. Have some dismembered dead animal] which we might actually go out and purchase as a pair.

Well, it's my plan. Beloved does the negotiations and I hand over the cashola. Then I go and fetch the chunks when they're in. By that time, there should be enough negative space in the freezer for all the bits. Huzzah.

This week, coming? I am definitely getting a metric fuckton of frozen veggies. After that, I should only be fretting about the perishables. Which are a fraction of the food budget.

I hate money juggling. Triumph is in sight, but it's a slow and wearying fight.

Bonus: It's going to be a fight with Real Shepherd's Pie. Forget all those recipes that call for minced beef(those are Cottage Pies, by the way). Genuine shepherd's pie is made with dead sheep meat. Accept no alternatives.

Should I share my recipe's for the bulk bargain stuff I've done? So far, it's been chicken casserole, devilled sausages, and 'special' fried rice (with chook). I've been concentrating on using all the stuff we already have and the great old Doing Without the stuff that the more traditional recipes call for. I'm no genius but I'm keeping us fed.

...which is probably why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling.

Meh. Gotta keep going. Can't succeed if you just give up.