Payday! Huzzah!

Good news - we can finally has moneys by tonight. Bad news - it won't last long.

It never does, not really. And I'm getting pretty damn good at stretching my supplies to last through those last few squeeze days. I just wish that I never had to worry about finances from one week to the next.

Ah well. I shall lay in things so that my family at least have noms for the week that I'm gone. As well as preparing supplies for the trip to Tullagawoopwoop. Well, I say family, but the little darlings are off to Nanna's within days of myself abandoning Beloved for a week off with a friend.

So much to do. So little time. And not nearly enough money for it all. Le Sigh.

I'll manage. I always find a way. It's just gonna be real interesting for a small patch of time.

But I am doing my distant friend a serious Solid. I'm the first of their promised visitors who is actually going through with their vows and going there. It's one emotional wrong that I can change for the better. That has to be worth something on my life-tally of a nil-all draw.

And I'm going to withhold the rant of how my life has been a lot of not-very-much. I'm evaluating myself negatively and you don't need to read that. And I need to stop doing that to myself.

What I am going to do is make certain that things are all lined up. Because paranoia is a way of life with me.

And speaking of lining things up, no sooner had I got the news about Steam Powered Giraffe's latest album being ready for pre-order, than I was scrabbling through the metaphorical couch for enough spondooly to pre-order that packet of marvellousness.

Of course I'm getting the autographed copy with badges. What do you think I am?

And it will give me three more pins with which to seek out and identify other nerds. The one most likely to fly under the radar is the QWERTY face, which looks like a pixelated smilie. But I don't care. It means I have a bit more variety in my choices of chest decoration.

One day, I might be able to afford some Steam Powered clothings as well. Hell, one day, I could be able to go see them again.

For all I know, people could be paying me to go over to the states, so sure as shit I'm going to bloody try and see them while I'm there.