I'm not a happy camper, today.

The asthma attack that will not end is still not ending in a timely manner. After four runs on the nebuliser, yesterday and one this morning, I can feel something loosening up in the bronchii, but it's taking its sweet time shaking loose.

Meanwhile, I shake so much that something has to fall loose, but it isn't.

I'm changing approaches to editors again. Beloved says that working from a MarkDown copy is way easier than working from anything else. So I am henceforth abandoning Pages and working with MarkDown.

It's too late to do that with my current Novel-in-progress, Adapting, but my next book will be written in MarkDown. And this year's Year of Instants has been translated because it's easier that way.

I may yet do the same thing to One Year of Instants (2015) because I have a master file with all the stories in it, and it shouldn't be too hard to fix it all up.

I'm still waiting for Beloved to churn through the extant copy of Free Baby and turn that into a pro-level copy ready for Amazon. I might yet turn it into MarkDown for them and make their day just a little easier.

Beloved has enough on their hands with one 9-5 job and one off-the-clock job.

Mayhem didn't sleep again, last night. I'm taking him to the doctor today. No arguments, and getting whatever he needs to sleep at night.

No sleep does bad things and I know it.

Chaos is... playing virtuoso levels of helpless again and I'm not certain if I have the spoons/personal batteries to deal with that, tremula, Mayhem, editing, and doing my regular thing.

Hell, I spent the last two days not doing self-maintenance because breathing was too much effort.

Status of InterNutter(and domicile):

  • Tremula: aggravating
  • Battery power: 40%
  • Exasperation: 100%
  • Oxygenation: 90%
  • Sleep Achived: Fitful cat-naps around rando leg cramps(1)
  • Sink: Overloaded
  • Laundry: Stagnant
  • Floor: Scattered with scrattle

Could someone come over to my place and just... do all the things I can't? I've let everything slide and it's going to avalanche on me and I want to cry. I'm hard pressed just making it through the day, lately.

Ideally looking for someone who loves cleaning but needs a place to stay because about all I can offer is a bed with a roof. And I honestly don't know how much I'm joking about this because I am supremely frazzled and oddly depressed.

(1) Seriously. I had cramps in my right pinky toe. THREE OF THEM. What the hell does a PINKY TOE do that could make a cramp? They're so small that they're almost vestigial ffs... And I had a cramp in my right hand. A cramp in the arch of my left foot. Just firkin random cramps. All goddamn night.