Oofty Goofty

It was supposed to be merely cloudy today, but it rained anyway. Boo.

After some consideration, we figured that it would be much better to construct the shell, level the structure, and pour in some post-mix into the holes, so now we have a plan of attack that just needs the HUGE MUDDY PUDDLE to dry out.

Fortunately, aquatic pumps exist, and we got ourselves a doozy. It's a green slimline thing that you pipe water into in order to get it to pump water out.

The logic escapes me, but I've seen it working so I'm like... whatever. It goes.

In the PLN today is hoping the site dries out a little more before we really get into the jiggery-pokery. We have to construct all the frame, get it set up, and then stick the concrete into the post holes before we can move on. Whee.

Meanwhile, there's also PLNs to go see Rocket Man and have a bit of a breather.


Don't panic if the story comes out long about 5PM.