My mornings are rather busy, thanks to back-to-school shenanigans. And since Beloved is busy a lot, too, the cuddle time I thought I'd be getting is still lacking. Boo.

Most of my morning spoons are spent arguing with my little darlings. Getting them to do the things they should be doing anyway. Mayhem provided the most opposition, this morning. Refusing to do a sink wash and thereby fill the drainer so I could empty it.

The final argument was that I could not turn on my computer until such time as I had fulfilled my three tasks of the day. He argued that I could do it regardless.

Which lead to something of a catch 22. But I didn't highlight it that way at the time.

Mayhem hates hypocrites. I kind of despise them myself and, having these fresh new household rules is something that's bound to increase complaints if I don't follow them myself. Plus I hate the "one rule for me" types and I never want to be one.

If I break my own rules, what sort of person am I? Not a very good one, I know.

And breaking them for selfish reasons is even worse.

But I stood firm and did not allow Mayhem to grow a loophole. And that made this morning the toughest morning yet.

Chaos, on the other hand, is determined to get her tasks done as quickly as possible so she can get on with her day. No matter what her IQ score says, she is a very clever girl.

If only some of that would rub off on Mayhem.