I at least got the little darlings to scoop up the recycling and dirty vessels yesterday. I also got a mondo shopping trip done and -FINALLY- acquired the gotdang seaweed that I've been after since five-ever ago.

We're looking at building an 'airlock' for the front door, since that's the next target for our escapology expert kittens. Little dickenses don't understand that it's dangerous out there, it's just a way by which their Humans leave.

Having a nightmare about them getting out and then subsequently killed is only fuel for this particular fire. And wouldn't you know it? Bunnings has exactly zero things to suit our nefarious purposes. Boo.

Meanwhile, I'm coming down with something, so I'm giving myself sick leave from KOSBOB for this week.

Have no fear, dear readers. I'll still be coming out with the daily Instant and figuring out what the heck I'm doing with my Wordpress Wednesday. Just... don't expect Tolstoy out of me.


I need painkillers.