Once again...

The little darlings are safely in scenic Coominya whilst my friendo comes up to unfuck the entire house for three days.

Not the week I was hoping for, but an improvement on the base state of zero friends and zero days.

Sure, I would have got back to achievable cleanliness eventually, but eventually is a slow boat to frustration and woe.

And speaking of frustration and woe... Beloved and I are off to MeMum's to unfuck her compy and make sure it's behaving itself. A process that is going to include a virus scan, and if that comes up positive, a wipe and re-install. And then we're adding ad-blockers.

I might introduce MeMum to the concept of Cloud Computing whilst we're there. It's a more permanent means of ensuring documents and such don't get virus'd, lost, accidentally deleted etc. And, in the case of hardcopy, cockroach'd, silverfish'd, or mouse'd.

MeMum believes in hardcopy. But she's from the hardcopy generation. So am I, technically, but I also got used to the idea of that which is on the internet will never die. This can be used for good and evil. Just like print.


Me? I love the cloud. I can take my WIPs with me and never have to worry about computer deaths again. The number of times I've had a fic get lost because of compy implosion staggers the imagination. I think I managed to lose more than half of the titles I began, over the years.

Now that I have a Drobo, and a cloud drive, my computer has yet to even wheeze at me. Go figure.

Irony is life, I suppose.