Okay, so here's the sitch...

My phone data resets today, so I now have a lot of gigs I can use.


  • I have no idea when the interwebs will be back online
  • Even receiving emails costs data
  • I go through 1-3G of data just publishing an Instant
  • There's only 40G in my plan

Therefore, I have just a little over ten days' worth of internet IF I stick to just doing my Instant and buggerall else.

Even then, the data resets on the month. If this carries on, it's going to get hellaciously expensive, even at minimal operations.

The ticket we have open about this FUBAR hasn't been addressed yet, so we're all in internet limbo. For an unforeseen pace of time.

I gotta make that data last, friends.

I'm at someone else's whims, and that sucks. Apologies for the inconvenience.