OK about those last two diary entries...

I swear I previously published them. And yet, somehow, they turned up as drafts on my editor. I make sure each diary blog is posted before I trundle on with the story.

I'm sure.

I'm mostly sure.

OK, it's what I usually do and I don't always check and I should. Darn it.

Meanwhile, it's promising to be a very quiet weekend without my little darlings filling everything with noise. Beloved and I spent most of yesterday just slobbing around. It was wonderful.

Today, we shall see about getting some supplies for cheap.

And I shall see about drafting Beloved to help me with some pix for that character blog I was gassing about. Knowing Beloved, they will find a way to bow entirely out of it and get me to do everything myself.

Ah well.

If that moment comes, I shall use a close shot as my avatar and just do firkin text posts. At least it means I can plausibly get the dress dry cleaned sooner.

ANYway. I probably derped early on this week. Which leads my paranoia to suspect my brain is melting and I'm going to die a dribbling fool. Except I have always had a dodgy memory, so it's kind of hard to tell.

And I'm going to be a robot online. Ha.