O Chaos

The reason why I am so late getting today's content to you runs... long and complicated. So I shall attempt to summarise...

  1. Mayhem was sick, last night
  2. Leading me to make an appointment with the doctors as soon as I could because new policies are coming into place
  3. Beloved's car was in repairs and I did not know this until it was time to go delivering little darlings to their respective destinations
  4. Beloved's car rescue was happening at the same time as Mayhem's doctor appointment

SO... to the tune of Yakkity Sax...

Four pile in the car and we all deliver Chaos safely to school. Beloved and I drill Mayhem on what to do and what to ask for all the way to the doctor's office(With a side-trip to Maccas for breakfast). Mayhem dutifully repeats this and we assume (haha) that he will remember for the duration. I manage to do my novel installment between home, Chaos, Mayhem and Zillmere, where Beloved's car is awaiting rescue.

Cars sorted, Beloved away to work with their breakfast, I return with coffee in hand to rescue Mayhem from the doctors... Only to discover that the certificate needed to appease the school is conspicuous by its absence.


So we put ourselves on the schedule to get the paperwork and wait another ten minutes to get one sheet of paper. GAH.

For the record, Mayhem MIGHT have constipation or it MIGHT be appendicitis. We're hoping for the former and Mayhem needs more fibre in his diet.

And this is why I'm doing my Instant closer to midday than the morning. Ah, family. Why do people insist it's the best?