Now What?

So. Mayhem is officially off school and deciding his own life. Fun. I now only need concern myself about Chaos' schedule and schooling... as well as my own nonsense. Nonsense that now includes learning how to do and paint minis. Whee.

I should be back on my bullshit regular novel-writing schedule this week, and the goal is either 57K (most likely) or 60K - officially halfway, but extremely unlikely.

So this day is a cleaning day, with my freshly-desexed kitty free of all protection for her stitches. She appears fine, and has lost the onesies we had her trapped in for the early days.

Whatever. She can roam around without pain and that is fine by me.

So after the house unfuckening, I shall be working towards whatever thousand words are next, and resting early if that's accomplished early. A reward of sorts.

My nascent PLN for today also includes a trip to get my Halo Tops for the week. It's going to be a snorter, I need my ice cream, and I don't want to drive any more than I have to because one weekend of shattered sleep leaves me a tired 'Nutter.

Bad sleep == potential for dangerous drives. Yes, even unto the local shops. And yes, I already know our corner IGA doesn't have Halo Tops. Boo. If they did, I could get a Pokéwalk in with a healthy stroll and a shopping trip.

My only motivation for walking outside in a Queensland Summer.

Today is my Beloved's birthday, so dinner this evening is going to be Out. I currently forget whether it's Lone Star or Hoggies, but both are excellent sources of a good feed. I shall have to enquire as to whether Beloved wants a fancy cake.

Possibly not, but cake is delicious.