Now What?

Steemit has changed it's rules and regulations in an effort to get rid of the spammy shit. Which also meant a reset of the stuff that made posts happen.

Yesterday's story was finally posted up there. I'm going to work on today's shortly.

I still have ZERO readers for my All Hallows' Read short. It's less than 2K words and due to go out on the 4th of October. Which is like... next Thursday.

Ferret Fart Desperation indeed.

So I shall be casting around for betas at increasingly desperate levels before next Thursday.


Ready or not, it's going out next Thursday. And check out this cover:

[Shown here: A faint pastel orange cover for a book called Well Rendered, featuring a red jelly with parts of a skull on the inside of it. Author, C. M. Weller]

Yours free in just one week!

...kind'a why I need Betas.

The cover, of course, is my concept melded with Beloved's superior tweaking.

And then I get to watch this blast my sales and nobody buying the paid stuff. And cry about it.

::whimpers:: Why do I do these things to myself?