Not stopping

I'm just about run off my bum, today.

I have a corner to unfuck, which I will be doing on the 20-10 plan with a side order of Keep-Pass-Toss. Both of these are very useful unfucking strategies which I will explain below.


Basically, you sort your one pile of crap into three smaller piles:

  1. Keep for whatever reason
  2. Pass it along (donate somewhere or freecycle or ebay it)
  3. Toss it out

Three smaller piles are easier to deal with than one mountain. It's less psychologically damaging and you have a definite plan for all your 'keep' stuff.

The caveat is, once you've decided to keep it, it needs a place to belong.


20 minutes unfucking, 10 minutes resting. You can go through mountains of arduous sorting in this manner, and you have more energy for longer when you do it this way.

In other news, it turns out that the paper $50 note I found was worth more than its face value to a collector. Alas, I found that out too late and exchanged it for the modern-day plastic cash. Whoops.

At least I have fifty bucks more fun-money so I can treat myself to something good at a later date.

And speaking of money matters, I have my first PATRON! I'm so excited that I felt inspired to add a Patreon button to this blog page. I might lure in more than my two (broke) readers. I might not. It's worth a shot, though.

I still don't know about advertising my Patreon on Steemit. I'll have to check the rules and regulations when I have the spare time to do so.

Stop laughing. I've almost completely unfucked my entire house. Spare time is coming very soon.