Non-lazy Weekend

So here's the PLN:

1) Obtain a weed wand with the rope nonsense so I don't accidentally poison the plants I like
2) Poison the plants I don't like
3) Do all the daily palaver I do every day [this list is not in order obviously]
4) Tomorrow, I trundle out to the opposite side of the Earth Brisbane to see MeMum and sort out some of her tech for her.

I really, really want to share The Adventure Zone and sitting at a compy to listen to things is not MeMum's best deal. So our options are:

  • Smart TV that can get apps installed
  • Blu-ray player that can get apps installed
  • Chromecast (possibly paired with the smart TV)
  • Maybe some bluetooth speakers so MeMum can carry the sounds around like a little portable radio?

I dunno. I might have to convince my Best-Beloved to come along and unfuck it all.

Like... I managed to set up my laptop all on my only with little going amiss? But setting up tech so my MUM doesn't end up with BSOD's is another ballpark. The world has changed a great deal since the end of WWII and the technology of today is strange, frightening, and operated through sequences of ritual.

Hey, if I ever need to write a fantasy realm where it's all sufficiently advanced technology, I have a template. No insult to people who find the modern era strange and frightening. I get it. Some stuff that humanity comes out with is just plain weird.

Story soon so I have something to do whilst waiting for Bunnings to open.