No business today

Chaos is due to seek help in Maroochydore again. And it's one heck of a long-ass trip there and back. The sooner that the nearer clinic has help for her, the better.

The metallic sharpies have a nib width that's too wide for legible printing, so Beloved and I went on an emergency run to Officeworks by way of Spotlight for something a little narrower. So now we won a double brace of metallic gel pens that are, quite frankly, made of awesome.

$500 3D printer + $5 gel pen + 50c zip tie == firkin genius.

We're still in the testing stage, and the bed needs straightening, but it is most definitely there.

Once it's all working, I can print fifty, bifircate them, punch holes in them, and have one hundred cards almost ready for shipping. We just need a rig to assist in the folding.

I want my first products to look as professional as if they'd come out of a factory, instead of off my kitchen table. This might bite me in the arse, later on... but I think looking professional will get me return business.

Meanwhile, once I'm done with today's story... I will be taking my lappy with me so I can work on something while I'm out. I'm putting together my nut notes for my upcoming WIP, Beauties and the Beastly. A steampunk adventure with werewolves, genderfluid heroes, gays that live, and assorted nonsense.

It's based [very loosely now] on that gifset that shows Victorian ladies how to escape werewolves with perfume and petticoats. I might yet have a scene like it in the book. Someone find it for me so I can link it tomorrow?