My pokemon, let me show you it

Yes, I have joined the bandwagon. I have pokemon go on my phone. I haven't joined a team yet, and I only have one critter in my collection. And no pokestops in sight.

It's a bulbasaur and I have zero idea what to do with it because my last pokemon adventure went thus:

  1. Play the game for two hours on an emulator on my old PC
  2. Get stuck with no idea what to do next
  3. Google strategy guides
  4. PC flatlines forever

This time, I have it linked to my Google account, so the odds of my data/game dying forever are remote in the extreme.

As are my chances of seeing a pokestop, any other pokemon, or any other players in my predictable lifetime. That doesn't mean I won't stop trying though.

...anything you get for free is worth exactly what you paid for it...

Meh. As long as I'm having fun.