My plate overfloweth

Which is a fancy way of saying I have a lot on my plate. I haven't even sat down to my email, yet, and it's gone ten AM.

Tonight's dinner is spagbol with zoodles instead of spaghetti. Stage one of which is making the tomato sauce. Which meant getting buttloads of tomatoes [2kg] and slow cooking them in vinegar with sweeteners and herbs. Once they break down, I'll blitz them and add the mince.

I've already got the cleaning 90% done.

Further to go today are: my stories, the novel, and a new feature over on my Patreon. Today, I am posting Mess, and Sketch-So-Far of the cover art for Beauties and the Beastly. Dollar patrons get to laugh at my alleged art skills.

I think I'll post the Mess and advertise my Patreon at the same time.

Tonight, assuming I can summon the energies, I'll be working on some animation for SESP, but it's more likely that I'll be playing with Minecraft. I finally wore that mountain down to sea level and now I'm prettying up the area with grass.

Then I'll fill the area with all sorts of farms and things. Because I want to, that's why.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but it really fills my day. Especially the writing part. And I do need to give myself time to faff about with nonsense, because play is important to the psyche.

One more weekend, Powers willing, and Beloved will finally have snuggle time again. I'm looking forward to snuggle time.