Monday Madness

The house is a mess. I have not done a lot of maintenance there. Mayhem insists that driving to the local 7-11 is going to up his hours, but I refuse point blank to do any driving lessons less than half an hour. I know damn well he only wants to get crap junk food without being in the summer heat for the time it takes to walk there and back.

I have procrastinated now for a very long time so I must away to gather some dosh.

Tomorrow is new years' eve, and I plan to be up at 3AM for my normal streaming, plus all that other nonsense with Patreon and suchlike. I will probably not be conscious to ring in the actual new year some twenty-one hours later, but with my insomnia, you can never tell.

Anyways, story as soon as I can manage it.

Off I go into the wild blue nonsense.