Monday, Day Zero, teh PLN

One more case from outside, thirteen total cases continuing on. Blah blah blah one arsehole yaddah yaddah.

Today, I am not writing any novels. Well, not professional novels. Fanfic can reach novel length or longer and that's what's cool about it.

I am writing only for fun from now until further notice. Sooner or later one of my queue'd novel springboards will capture my attention and I'll get onto that. Plague has done my head in and it's still going, so I need the new normal.

Let's risk a glimpse at the headlines:

  • Muppet buys into QAnon conspiracy about voting machines, once again proven wrong
  • Truth revealed about the US election - Biden won despite Muppet crew's efforts to cheat
  • SA Premier apparently humiliated over lockdown
  • Are the experimental vaccines safe? Science says "most likely" whilst the media fuels antivax conspiracy bullshit
  • Two more bodies unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii
  • Muppet lawsuit over votes fails again
  • Detroit suing Muppet over accusations of voter fraud

Today, all I have to stress about is today's Instant and unfuckening the house. Whee.