Monday, Day 0, Back to School

Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-seven active cases -another drop- and twenty-five of those are in hospital. Two with the alleged freedom of a hotel somewhere.

My PLNs today are nothing more complicated than writing stories and unfuckening the house. IF I get time and energy, then I shall be recording a Does Not Compute for MeMum concerning How To Google Docs and Google Drive. It might not happen until Tuesday. I know I didn't get very far with CSP yesterday.

Baby steps.

In the news:

  • Experts warn Japan against dumping Fukushima wastewater, Japan dumps it anyway
  • China and Russia both attempting to beat up the USA
  • More royal funeral shenanigans
  • ScoMo gets the bird, and deserves far worse
  • MAFS a perfect breeding ground for infidelity. Shocking
  • Netflix may be filming in Byron Bay and Byron Bay does not want
  • Mystery plague spot in Sydney. Cherches le Knomiras
  • NOW they're planning to make the vaccine here after literal months of clusterfluffs
  • More ugly truths surface about Epstein and his pals
  • Yacht shuts down an airport. No, it's not Evergreen at it again, it's huge spinnakers endangering planes
  • CNN anchor calls out the racism in gun laws and faces censure

And now I must wake up Miss Chaos and get her organised for the day.