Monday, Day 0, ANZAC Day

Two new cases, both imports. Seventeen total and fourteen in hospital, so that leaves three in the relative freedom of hotel quarantine. We're past Day 20 on local transmission, so I stopped counting there.

"Freedom" for Queensland, but I still have to mask because Death Cough. Well. Not "have to" but "choose to" because I don't want to cause a panic with my breath-stealing bark.

Eh. Today, I may indeed have the time to figure out more of Clip Studio Pro. It depends on whether or not my cleaning people turn up to unmuss the ENTIRE CLUSTERFLUFF this house has become over the weekend. But it's also a public holiday so I don't mind if they arrive tomorrow.

I shall have to have a discussion with Beloved about slicing the second loaf and what they hope to accomplish by not doing that. Because probably will not work.


  • India's populace calls to hang the officials who are delaying supplies of oxygen to the hospitals
  • Crew of missing sub declared dead
  • Biden pledges to help India
  • There's conspiracy theories about Port Arthur's massacre
  • Tsunami adds insult to India's plague injury
  • The reinvention of the Teasmade, but with coffee

Onwards, ever onwards.