Monday Again?

My week is off to a fantastic start with Chaos being the one with the Lurgi and Mayhem due back to school. Since he's officially an adult, I won't get on his case until it's about time to leave...

Which makes literally everything else that should be routine today a complication.


On the other hand, there may be time to gather me some Halo Tops because my stash is officially empty.

Also, I binged the entirety of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance over the weekend and I can't do a spoiler-free review so I will likely rant about it over on Patreon or something. Short take: I love it, but there are some problems. I had some problems with the original, too. I should probably go over that at some point.

Then again, I am that picky a-hole who points out the boom mike in shot. Or things you're not supposed to question.

For today... I am getting on with my complications.