Miss Chaos is 11 today!

Eleven years ago, my life was made infinitely more interesting by the arrival of a slightly strange little girl.

Yesterday, she got as much purple and sparkle as we could mutually supply. Sometimes in the same thing.

And she also got to run around like a mad thing at Calamvale district park for a majority of the day. Good news - I can do moderately stable braid crowns by doing additive braids all the way around and then weaving the ends through the beginning. It came out at the end of the day, so I'm calling it a success.

I also have a metric fuckton of beads care of MeMum. Some of them will make interesting earrings. Some... I'll just have to figure something out for.

I'm pretty good at that though.

Tonight's menu is in her hands, so I suspect it's take-out and cake for dinner.