metalhavanagila: dyke-in-galut: notallthosewhowanderarelost-yet: heleotrope: holy shit holy shit holy SHITthis is a jewish neighborhood...





holy shit holy shit holy SHIT


this is a jewish neighborhood and my cousin literally lives there????? what the actual fuck i can barely even explain how terrifying this is

nazis burned jewish books

we literally bury our sacred texts in ceremonies they are never destroyed because they contain the name of god

also holy shit he’s criticizing jews for being “racist and anti-white” while trying to align himself with marginalized palestinians to rally sympathy for his antisemitism, this kid (he is TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME) is a FUCKING WHITE ENGLISH NATIONALIST


“No grounds to stop the hate rally” I think you mean “burning of our holy books tends to coincide with genocides” 

why does this only have 844 notes??? im so scared???

1) that’s fucking disgusting

2) it might be time to get as many Jewish people as possible the fuck out of Europe

3) those people planning to burn the Talmud better start their fire with pages from the Bible

4) calling Jews racist? Excuse me while I laugh my lungs up

5) no reason to stop them? Wtff?