MCT and how it's saved me

You all know how the Keto Flu has been kicking my butt of late. I'm really knocked about because I had a lot of fat stored in random places in by sad old body1.

And with loss of fat cells comes a loss of water weight (because stored fats also lead to water retention) which means peeing a lot, which also means loss of salt.

Which also means my immune system is knocked a bit off-kilter. Which is probably how my Keto Flu managed to team up with some other Yule Bug and really put me on a low.

But - Beloved and I found a cure. It's basically more fat, but this one is a special fat. It's called MCT - Medium Chain Triglycerides - and it is the magic ingredient.

We're going over the Keto Hump, which is where things stop being all sunshine and rainbows and your body really wants all of that easy, evil carbohydrates to come back. So it chucks a massive shit about it and gives you hell as a direct result.

But... instead of back-sliding and reaching for the chippies... reach for the MCT and eat a spoonful. It is practically a miracle cure.

It's derived from coconut oil, which also contains LCT's2 which are slightly more trouble for the digestive system to use. MCT's are as easy to digest as sugar, but not nearly as addictive. And they make your innards happy because they have an easy fix while they're swapping gears.

I came up with a pretty good metaphor for Keto, last night. Your body is like a steam engine. It's meant to run on coal (aka natural fats) but over the years, the experts have been telling you to use diesel fuel without much in the way of scientific evidence3. This lead to a lot of soot buildup and subsequent engine trouble (read: diabetes, heart attacks, cholesterol buildup, obesity etc) while the experts insisted that the answer was more diesel, less coal, and more and more measures that took away the soot but also caused more engine trouble.

Then some smart bugger figured out how to read the instruction manual. Suddenly, more and more people are realising that coal was the answer the entire time. And existing industries centred around soot removal are kicking up a huge stink and trying to smear coal by any means necessary.

But there's a rising tide of folks also realising that the "low fat, high carb" chant of all doctors (who make their money out of us being sick, BTW) is absolute bullshit. And they're telling their friends. And they're telling their relatives. And they just keep spreading the word.

It's natural to resist the good word, here. We've "known" for more than half a century [The experiments began with rabbits in 1913 and moved on to humans in the 50's] that a diet low in fat and salt, and high in carbohydrates is supposed to be good for us. Now... how much other science from 1913 do we still use in day to day life? And no, I'm not counting the children of Nikola Tesla's work. That man was ahead of his time.

It's not a co-incidence that the incidents of diabetes, heart troubles, obesity, cholesterol and all that noise... rose significantly after the Lipid Theory got into our collective heads.

We've had well over fifty years of LFHC ruining, shortening, and otherwise impairing people's lives. That counts as a mountain of evidence for failure of the experiment in my mind. Beyond time to try a different way.

And for those of you using the Paleo version - which is amazingly close to Keto, by the way - primitive man probably got their MCT out of something that no longer exists in the modern age. Like Aurochs milk or mammoth kidneys or something like that. Now... we get it out of coconuts.

And it's getting late in the morning, so I should go on a walk instead of ranting about proper nutrition.

  1. I'm still draining it out of my bum. The thunder thighs are next! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA...

  2. Long Chain Triglycerides, if you didn't already figure it out.

  3. AKA the Lipid Theory, which was debunked almost as soon as it came out, and now qualifies as general ignorance.