Managing Some Successes

I scored some of the good cream at Foodways, so I'm happier about my place in the world. I also acquired some strawberries for Miss Chaos, so her confinement thanks to the plague is just that little bit happier.

I can't rely on Woolies to have flour yet - sold out every time. I am seeing a return of TP, paper towels, and pasta. Sanity is slowly restoring itself. People are returning to only getting what they need.

People are also baking like gangbusters so I have to kind of wait until that slows down or the supply ramps up, whichever happens first.

My sourdough starters have gained enough character to warrant the addition of olives when I fry them up. I dunno if I actually have olives. I might have spring onions, aka scallions, and there's enough mushrooms to make things interesting. I shall try savoury next time.

I have enough to keep my starters alive. Until maybe the panic ends. I hope.

I might have to keep my starters alive with whatever flour I can get, but I maintain hope that it won't be necessary.


I have to learn how to powerpoint, and be able to teach Chaos how to powerpoint. Fun times.

In the news - the untested malaria drug turns out to get more fatalities than administering no medication at all. Who would have thunk it?

Also, the astroturf campaign to re-open businesses and boost the economy has -shocker- lead to more Covid-19 infections in the areas where the protests happened. Meanwhile, the tests sent out in the US are slow, loaded with problems, and entirely reliant on a dodgy supply chain for many of their way-too-many parts. It's so bad that at least one hospital sent the thing back.

It's almost as if trusting a reality TV star -under four thousand different legal cases- to run a country is a Bad Idea. Wow.

I have a whole thing to do about the second-best time to act, over on my Wordpress.

But first... story!