Lurgi, Wheezing, and Other Noise

Lurgi: The seasonal sniffles of the It's-Going-Around have definitely hit, if my crunchy eyes are any indicator. Still living on Shamdy and hoping for the best and peeing like a champion.

Wheezing: The curse of the season has bit me on the arse and I actually horked up a small bronchial cast this morning. Gasp. The bad news is, I swear I had some atrovent nebules somewhere and I can no longer remember where the hell I left the fuckers. They have to be hid somewhere, but... no recall. Shall be excavating later.

Other Noise: Actually cooked pork tongue for the first time ever in my life. Mostly because it was a cheap cut. Most folk are like "Euw, tongue" and don't want to touch it. So. With that in mind, this is what I did:

  1. Slow-cooked the tongues with assorted herbs and a little too much vinegar, as it turns out. Peeled them afterwards as directed, later.
  2. Added tomatoes and slow-cooked them with
  3. Blitzed that noise so that nobody would recognise it was tongue. Actually, I got Beloved to do that because asthma had me on Max at the time.
  4. Beloved added vegetables and cream cheese and called it Soup.

Turns out Beloved didn't look into the slow cooker and didn't know it was tongue either. Fortunately, I got their reluctant acceptance.

Miss Chaos, as it turns out, fucking loves tongue. She even nicked the skin that I was planning to toss out to the birds. You read that right. The blistered, chewy, hairy-textured Tongue Skin.

I have an adventurous child. Yay.

I have an adventurous child. Euw...

She didn't know she wasn't supposed to eat it, tried it out, and scoffed the firkin lot. No real objections. Collagen or something. The true reason why you don't serve tongue with the skin on is that the skin looks gross. I guess it tastes nice.

And my skinny little girl child had like four servings or something, so it's a hit even though it had too much vinegar in there.

Bonus: I figured out a lazy way to de-seed a tomato. Huzzah.