Ok so I'm only allowed one small suitcase and one carry-on.

The small suitcase is BARELY big enough to hold the hatbox.

If I'm careful about how I pack, I can fit a lot of my cosplay extras in with the hat.

BUT - the makeup containers I have are too messy to go in with the hat [maybe if I ziplocked them into baggies?] and too big to go down the sides with other, more compactable things.

There's no real room for the dress.

I'm already taking Max(my nebuliser), my meds, my supplements, two nerd shirts, some changes of underwear and basic toiletries in my backpack carry-on. [Also the obligatory wallet, ID, glasses case, charger deelies, and wee giftie for Ms Bennett] AND Beloved insists I bring a small toy for (a) luck and (b) a ludicrous travelogue with said small toy.

Pity there's no Rey figurines. I'd bring her in a heartbeat.

...I wonder if the toy shops have either Furiosa or Marceline...

Eh. I could bring a small MLP if it came to that.

NOT very important. What's important, today, is getting the last of the small things together and maybe pricing some Kinex kits with an eye towards building Bitzer's hip crank at last.

I can do without it if I have to... but I'd rather not have to. We'll see how it goes.